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Let there Be Rock School-Frederick Rocks Olde Mother Brewing Co.

Frederick’s rock fans came out in numbers to support Olde Mother Brewing Company’s first live concert Saturday March 2nd with Let There Be Rock School-Frederick who put on an absolutely killer rock show. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect before going in, I didn’t know much about LTBRS but I had a feeling it would be fun to see a bunch of young kids play songs that I grew up listening to. I was completely blown away by the talent level and their abilities to play multiple instruments in different bands. The songs they played were not just straightforward 4-4 rock songs, some of them were extremely difficult songs to play and in some cases I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

For example Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police was covered by the band Most Wanted. It’s not a very difficult song structure wise, but on this one the drummer sings which is a very hard thing to do, and Tyler knocked it out of the park. Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas, and November Rain by Guns and Roses both tough songs were perfectly executed by the band Jokers Hand with two note for note guitar solos on November Rain.

A few of the others that stood out to me as pretty difficult songs that were exceptionally played were Limelight/YYZ by Rush played by Most Wanted, Them Bones by Alice in Chains, and Freedom by Rage Against the Machine both performed by After Shock. All the bands were far beyond my expectations and talking to some of the folks in the crowd they felt the same way. What a show and what a fun day I’m pretty sure I haven’t rocked out that hard in quite the while.

I’d like to take a quick moment to commend Scott Marceron and his wife Kela for their terrific work at Let There Be Rock School, their hard work and leadership really comes through in how the kids performed and seemed to bond over the experience. I didn’t know about them before the show but I’m on board with their mission as I’ve always said I think it’s imperative for kids to start music at a young age. It’s something you can do for fun, work and or both for the rest of your life. You can read and learn a lot more about Let There Be Rock School Frederick and their mission here in a recent Frederick News Post Article.

Last but not least I want to close out by saying how excited I am for Nick and Keith at Olde Mother Brewing as they have crossed yet another milestone on their way to achieving all of their dreams. They have come leaps and bounds since I tried that first Amaretto Sour back at the old house when they opened in 2015. They out grew their first home in less than two years and now have a state of the art brewing facility and tasting room on Market Street Downtown Frederick, soon to be Frederick’s newest live music venue. Nick and Keith are passionate guys with a great vision, an amazing team, and an ever growing fan base in Frederick MD. and beyond. Good luck on this new part of your venture and congratulations on a job well done on your first concert. I say it’s the best Brewery in Frederick hands down!

Please follow the link to find my full Photo Gallery Here.

Set List in Order by Which They Were Played.

1st Band: Sauce

Fire Woman by The Cult

Electric Funeral by Black Sabbath

House of Wolves by My Chemical Romance

Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

2nd Band: Most Wanted

Aint Talkin Bout Love by Van Halen

Every Little Thing She Does by The Police

Limelight/YYZ By Rush

3rd Band: Public Crisis

Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin

Hold the Line by Toto

Highway To Hell by AC/DC

America’s Bleeding (Original)

Heartbreaker>Livin Lovin by Led Zeppelin

4th Band: History in Progress

Someday by The Strokes

Be My Girl by Jett

Don’t Let Me Down by The Beatles

Peaches by The Presidents Of the United States Of America

5th Band: Octajuice

Love is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar

Easy Love by Phil Collins

Burning For you by Blue Oyster Cult

Shine by Collective Soul

6th Band: Weenie Hot General

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cindi Lauper

Money Honey by AC/DC

Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

Anyway You Want It by Journey

7th Band: Midnight Snack

I Wish by Stevie Wonder

Mountain Song by Jane’s Addiction

Hey Bulldog by The Beatles

Dragon Attack by Queen

8th Band: Brook And the Obama’s

Hysteria by Muse

It’s So Easy by Guns and Roses

Rebel Yell by Billy Idol

9th Band: Jokers Hand

Separate Ways by Journey

Call Me the Breeze by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas

November Rain by Guns and Roses

10th Band: After Shock

Bang Bang by Greenday

Fire by Jimi Hendrix

Them Bones by Alice In Chains

Freedom by Rage Against The Machine

11th Band: Storms Of September

Alone (not sure the band)

Junk Head by Alice in Chains

Out Of Your Mind (Original)

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica

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